How to Keep a Positive Attitude while Breastfeeding (and pumping!)

This is definitely the hardest part of those first few months of having a new baby. I truly enjoy breastfeeding. I love the bonding experience, I love being needed, I love that I can produce the most perfect nutrition for my little baby. Not to mention those amazing baby cuddles.
Pumping on the other hand, can be so boring and monotonous. I pump as much as I can in those first few months because I know at some point in time or another I’m going to burn out and toss that wretched machine aside. I do my best to remind myself that it is a blessing to be able to feed my child. However, the monotony of the situation can be overwhelming especially when we all have other things we would like to get done or be doing.

Before that happens, I can usually find my happy place and get a good freezer stash saved up by following these simple tricks the first few months after baby is born.

1. Find a “space”

Breastfeeding and pumping can become a huge hassle if you are constantly moving your “equipment” around your house. I once read an amazing blog post by a mom who pumped for 15 months. (Crazy, right?) Where she described her process. I really wish I could find this post so I could share it with you guys, but I didn’t pin it after I read it and I read it about 3 years ago. Her words have stuck with me.

2. Find a comfy chair

Your space should consist of a really comfortable chair, in a place in your house that is convenient for you. Whether you prefer privacy or a television put your space somewhere comfortable to you.

3. Plan activities you enjoy and have them available

Fill your Netflix queue with some shows you have been wanting to binge watch. Find a good book and have that sitting there. Make a craft. I like to crochet so I always have some project near my “space”. I also like to paint my nails, so I have my nail polish available. I use a pumping bra so I have my hands free, this is crucial if you are planning to pump a lot.

4. Pre-plan your food

I like to keep 1 or 2 water bottles in my “space” because I’m always thirsty. I also like to keep my snacks available in my “space” as well.

By now, you should be seeing my point. Instead of groaing, “It’s time to feed the baby again” or “It’s time to pump again.” Now, you have created a space you actually want to be at. It’s time to start thinking, “YES! It’s time to watch another episode.” Or “YES! It’s time to read another chapter.” Or “YES! It’s time to sit, relax, and _____.” Fill in the blank however you wish.

I hope this helps you on your journey! What kinds of things do you plan to put in your “space”?

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