Is it possible to be Debt Free?

When my husband first told me of this lofty goal of being debt free I basically just gave up before we ever started. I agreed that we needed to have a budget. But debt free? There is just no way that this could happen. He approached this topic before we were even engaged. We both had car payments and credit card debt. I had a student loan that seemed so large I couldn’t even entertain the idea of that going away anytime soon. On top of that, we weren’t living in the same state. When would we ever see each other? I had to go further into debt just to see him. “No, this idea is ridiculous and so are you.” Was probably what I said to him. And we’ve been debt free for 4 years. It took 6 years to get us completely debt free, this includes a “no mortgage” plan. If I was going to stay home with our children we needed to cut down our monthly living expenses dramatically to be able to compensate for the loss in income. I know myself, I know I can’t work from home and raise children. It is only now that my second child has turned one that I feel like I have the mental capacity to blog.
The point of this being, I get it. I get that you think this is a lofty goal. Or maybe you agree with my husband that it’s completely possible. Either way, I’m here to tell you that this is a marathon. You will not be debt free overnight.
After we were married, we came up with a plan where we would live off of my income (the lower of the two) and save/use my husbands larger income towards our debt free goals. Now that’s two people living off of an income that I could barely live off of on my own. I still think this is crazy but we did it! That may just show how much I was spending on things that I shouldn’t have been purchasing. I don’t need to write exactly how we did this, Dave Ramsey wrote that and you can purchase his materials here. We found our groove with our budget. We found a way to decipher want vs. need and we had each other as accountability partners. Not to mention, Dave Ramsey is HUGE. Millions of people have bought his books and call into his show to do their “Debt Free Scream”. Our family is one of the many that have achieved the goal of being debt free. IT IS POSSIBLE! You just have to start.

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