A New Year’s Resolution

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My husband is a huge Dave Ramsey advocate. HUGE! Like, maybe his biggest fan ever. I am not comfortable talking about money. When I first told my husband I wanted to started a blog geared towards encouraging other mom’s one of his first reactions was, “are you going to write a financial series?” ugh no! Money can be such a downer. I don’t want to talk about money! But then this blog wouldn’t be as transparent as I would like it to be without talking about money and how to juggle it and a husband and two kids.

There are many ways to get your finances under control and it’s no secret that Dave Ramsey has been the choice of the King Family so I’m not going to rewrite what Dave teaches. He wrote quite a few books and you can buy them here. Instead, I’m going to take some inspiration from other moms that I’ve come into contact with and have asked questions about the journey my husband and I have been on and continue. If you have a question that you want to ask, please share it in the comments! I may just take an entire blog post to answer you!
Finances and money is one of the number reasons for divorce. The beginning of my marriage definitely taught me why. My husband will openly admit he did NOT introduce me to Dave Ramsey the right way. 7 years of marriage has taught us to communicate better than we did in the beginning. However, we made it through and we are stronger than ever! And I think a HUGE reason for our strong relationship now, was struggling to find financial freedom in the beginning. Now, we have a pretty good system going but I would be lying if I told you that this journey was easy or we are perfect at budgets. I promised to write the good, the bad, and the “I can’t stop crying it’s just too hard” parts of motherhood and this is one of these crying moments for me.
Let me take you on a journey and I will also share some tips on what has been working for us to maintain our debt free status.

What’s the point?
How to get your spouse on board?
Is it even possible?
How to contribute as a Stay at Home Mom
6 Ways to be debt free as a spender

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