Crochet double thick pot holder

This summer I went to my aunts house. She and her husband have lived there for almost ten years and I had never seen it! So my dad graciously invited us all to her house for Sunday dinner. While we were there she said she had a question for me. She disappeared into her kitchen and came bag with these potholders. She found them inside her in laws camper. They were easily 20 years old and asked if I knew how to make them. At the time, I didn’t know but I soon became obsessed with figuring it out. A quick Google search and I found them. Since this summer I have used many different stitches to make these. I also love to experiement with different yarns. I find these to be excellent travel projects because they are small and don’t require a lot of yarn. I love using variegated yarn for these. They are an excellent addition to any kitchen.

If you love these but would rather just buy them and not make them I have them for sale here.

Row 1:
Ch 35 (you can do more or less based on how large you want your potholder and the thickness of your yarn, I find 35 is a good size for any 4 ply yarn)

Row 2-?:
Sc down both sides of your ch.

Now back down the other side.

Felici Self Striping Yarn from Knit Picks

Once you come to the end I usually do an extra st. Sc in the last sc to start your next row.

Now sc around….

…and around…

…lay it out so you can track your progress. Keep sc around….

…and around…

…keep going….

…so close to the end. Only a few more rows….

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Looks good! Now for the finishing touches…

Ch 8 to form hook hanger. I like to put a hanger on mine just in case the individual I’m making it for wants to hang it for easy acessability. You can skip this step if you don’t want to add a hanger.

Slp st into next stitch to secure the hook hanger.

Close up look.

To finish: I cut a nice long piece of yarn to ensure I have enough to sew the pot holder shut.

Grab your tapestry needle and start sewing. I go under the whole stitch on each side. Repeat until the end.

I secure my sewing with a knot on the corner. Then I weave my end back into the sewing to hide the tail.

Trim off any excess yarn.

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