5 Reasons to Shop at Fred Meyer

It’s true, there are stores out there that have lower prices than Fred Meyer. My husband likes to remind me of this on occasion and then I remind him of the topics below. I am on a tight budget as a SAHM so there are many things that I consider when I choose to shop at a certain store. Below are my 5 reasons I choose to shop at Fred Meyer.

1. Free fruit for kids. Right when we walk in the door there is. Little bin full of fruit and my kids can take their pick. It keeps them busy and it keeps those little mouths occupied if mommy needs to shop and the childcare isn’t open.

2. Rewards program is absolutely fantastic
. There’s just something about pulling up to the gas pump and the attendant (you can’t pump your own gas in Oregon) asking “”would you like to save (insert amount) per gallon today?” That gives me a nice, happy, warm feeling as a budgeting momma.

3. Coupon program.
Not only do they accept manufacturer coupons but they also have their own coupon system that is open for you to use when you sign up for their rewards card. True, it does take a little effort to actually go into the Fred Meyer app and download the coupons but once you hit the (+) to download it is automatically downloaded to your card. I figure I can take some of the time I spend scrolling through Facebook every day and download some coupons from Fred Meyer in anticipation of my next shopping trip.

They also track my purchases and send me even more coupons in the mail for the products I have already bought with them. I don’t have to clip my own coupons they send me coupons to use at their store as well as any cash back dollars I earned from the month before. This saves me money and time. SCORE!
4. Click List! I just used this for the first time yesterday and it was amazing!  You order their groceries the night before, choose and hour window the next day to pick them up, employee’s do the shopping and deliver your groceries to your car. You don’t even have to get out of your car! An amazing service for the busy mom!
5. Free childcare for ages 2-5 for ONE WHOLE HOUR. Yup, you say “free childcare” and I just may bend over backwards for you. I’m a SAHM with no family in the area and a few friends who are willing to help me but people work during the day. Usually “”free childcare” during the day is unheard of unless you shop at Fred Meyer. Amazing! This point especially makes me wonder why I don’t go to Fred Meyer every day? (Check the hours this is open. It is not always open during store hours.)

I love shopping. I think one way my husband and I balance each other out is that I like to spend money and he likes to save it! It’s an excellent give and take that makes our relationship awesome!

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