4 DIY/Handmade Christmas Ideas Anyone Can Make

Are you totally broke? And yes, Christmas is just a few short weeks away. I’ve been there. My family still talks about the Christmas I made them horrible hats and scarves. Let me emphasize HORRIBLE. This was before Pinterest and YouTube so I promise they are truly as horrible as I’m describing and a complete embarrassment considering where I’m at today in my crochet journey.
But, they loved them. It makes for a great memory and I even received a fantastic picture to commemorate the fact that I was so broke I couldn’t make it home for Christmas much less buy gifts. I was barely making rent, only eating the free meat my dad sent me that I could only make in a pot (a pot, not a pan) that my brother gave me before I left, on the stove top, because I had no other cooking appliances. Oh and I defrosted that frozen meat in water I boiled on my stove top. A microwave was too much of a luxury.

Ah, the simpler times in life.

I was too proud to tell my family I could barely afford to eat. They would have understood a Christmas without gifts from their favorite sister. I had just moved to my own apartment and I really wanted to make it look like I had it all together and I was doing fine. So I looked around my empty apartment (furniture was also a luxury) and found my huge stash of yarn that I had purchased when I was still living with a roommate and had extra income. I got to work and out came hats and scarves. It was nice. I needed something to do since I had no money and needed to fill my time with something productive.

As stated before, the times have changed! DIY is everywhere and you can definitely do a better job of a DIY Christmas than I did all those years ago. My husband and I have done DIY Christmas’ to save some cash but also to personalize gifts and make them more thoughtful.

Whatever your motivation may be, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite handmade/DIY gifts below! Feel free to share any of your favorite ideas in the comments!

1. Kendra from mrsdoingmybest has an amazing tutorial on homemade candles to use as gifts or even to dress up a boring holiday table. They are absolutely beautiful and are easy enough to make that anyone who can shop at a craft store can make them. Click the image below for her rustic candle tutorial.

2. Lynne for myfamilythyme has a fantastic idea for giving paper-whites. They are a beautiful flower and let’s face it, giving something that is actually alive and will grow is a gift that keeps on giving. Click the image below for her tutorial on how to make this fantastic holiday gift.


3. Also from Lynne at myfamilythyme comes this fantastic DIY pillow. So cute. So easy. I love Velcro. It makes everything so much easier. This would also be so easy to personalize or add that bit of festive flare to your home.


4. I have to admit that is lap desk from Shanty-2-chic is my favorite. Mainly because I made this gift for myself. Tee-hee. I use it all the time. My hisband uses it and it has purple nail polish smeared across the top of it, because my toddler uses it too. Ashley got a killer deal on foam so if you can find a similar deal this is definieltly a great DIY gift. It’s so easy to personalize as well. Mine has a pretty flower stenciled across the top but you could do anything to make it pretty and personal.


If none of these fit your gift list I have created a Pinterest board full of DIY/handmade Christmas items for all ages. Check it out here!

Happy Crafting!

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