28 Must Have Baby Items

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Congratulations momma! You are pregnant! That is a great first step to starting a family! Obviously, right?

Now, you may be getting to the point where it’s time to start a registry. YIKES! I remember the moment my mom told me it was time to register and think about all the baby items that I was going to need. In all honesty, I was avoiding this experience. I had no idea where to start and I was so uncertain. But my mother (and dad too!) drug me to Babies R Us and my mom said, “it’s time to register.” “But I dont’ wanna!” I was 26 weeks pregnant with my daughter and it really was time to start that baby registry. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and that experience left me full of nerves and anxiety. I had the perspective that something can go wrong and that made me apprehensive to take that next step to start preparing for baby.

However, my insecurities didn’t change the fact that baby showers were about to start happening and it was time to at least start a registry. I walked into Babies R Us and I could feel the anxiety rising in my core. Honestly, if my parents hadn’t been with me, I would have just walked right back out. That store is so overwhelming! Amazon may have been a better place to register. So if you are a new mom, even new parents, my advice to you is, take someone with you. Someone you trust and who knows something about what you may need for a baby. If you do not have that person, allowed me to be that person for you! I am a self proclaimed minimalist. I don’t have many things for my kids especially while they are babies. Here is my list for you:

Nursing tanks– I live in these. I have a bit a bit of a large chest and I haven’t found a nursing bra that is comfortable for me.  So I live in nursing bra’s especially being a stay at home mom. I wear this under shirts and they make for easy and discreet nursing. I suggest having 4 or 5 of these.

Sleep bra– My sister introduced me to my need for sleep bra’s. First, as mentioned before I have a larger chest to begin with so when you add that to nursing the word “large” doesn’t really describe what I’m dealing with in the boob area. Sleep bra’s are fantastic for keeping the ladies under control as well as keeping nursing pads in place so I don’t wake up in a puddle of breast milk.

Diaper bag– I’ll admit it, I don’t carry a diaper bag. At least not a traditional diaper bag. I’ve had better success using a back pack or my fabulous Thirty one tote. Keep your eyes open and when you see a mom with a fabulous diaper bag, ask her where she got it. It’s all about what you AND your husband want to carry around. Keep your man in mind when choosing a diaper bag. My husband said he wouldn’t carry anything pink with flowers. It had to be a neutral color. Or you can get him his own daddy diaper bag! Whatever bag you choose, you will still need something to carry all of those baby essentials when you leave the house.

Dr. Brown’s bottles– I’m thankful for my sisters who told me that I don’t need another bottle. These are all I need and I have found his to be true with both of my children. I did find that the different size nipples they offer are very much an asset. You will need the different sizes. I didn’t have them with my daughter but they were very important with my son who had reflux issues for the first 6 months of his life. He was a week late but I still used the Premie nipples with him.

Bibs– Get yourself some good thick bibs. I recommend a good plastic bib for the food months and some soft, thick bibs for the early months of drool and spit up.

Baby Clothes– Go crazy! Register for what you want. There are a lot of different options out there and give our people a good idea of what you want your child’s style to be. Yes, you can pick a “style” for your baby. If you have a boy do you like sports? Monsters? Preppy? Hipster? If you are having a girl is pink okay? O would you rather anything but pink? Register for a few things to give your friends and family a good idea of what you want.

Rock n Play– I did not have this with my daughter and I regret it! This was one of the first things I got for my son and since he has out grown it I have borrowed it out to 2 friends. They make a great place to put the baby down when Mom needs to get something done. It’s not recommended by Fisher Price, but I actually used this as a bassinet for my son and he slept really well those first few weeks.

Boppy Pillow– If you are planning on breast feeding I would recommend a bobby. You can use pillows to prop baby up but the boppy makes such a nice pillow for nursing. My husband has probably used our boppy just as much as I did. It makes a nice cushion for Daddy’s with tired arms to hold babies for long periods of time. It also makes a great nap pillow for Mommy and Daddy.

Brest Friend– It is possible to survive with just the boppy and not the brest friend. I didn’t use it with my son, but I used it every day with my daughter. She was so difficult to feed and it helped so much to have the brest friend to hold her in a good latching position. My son came out and started breast feeding with no issues at all. But man, this was an essential for my daughter.

Breast pump– Call your insurance company before you register for a breast pump to see if your insurance covers a free one. I use the Madela pump in style and it was an essential for both of my children. It is the best pump in my opinion so this is the one you will want if your insurance company doesn’t offer a free one.

Nursing cover-Find a pretty one. It’s nice to have a nursing cover even with the new support there is out there for breastfeeding mothers. You may just find yourself in a situation where baby is hungry and you would like to be covered.

Swaddles– So important. Until they learn to control those tiny little hands and arms, swaddles are an essential. Not every baby loves to be swaddled but there are a ton of products out there to help with this predicament.  I used swaddle blankets as well as the swaddle sleep sacks with both of my children. They can escape! And there is nothing more frustrating than a baby waking up because they smack themselves in the face.

Diapers– Every. Single. Size. I use a lot of cloth diapers but I still use the disposables. Also, don’t forget the wipes!

Nipple Cream– You can get this for free at the hospital. But it’s always a good idea to have some on your shelf waiting for you when you get home.

Milk Storage bags– Always a good idea to have these in your cupboard. You may not use them, but they are one of those things where it’s better to have them and not need them, then need them and not have them.

Jammies for baby– This is what my children lived in those first few months of their life. I had my children in the winter so it was cooler. It can be so difficult to get that wiggly little baby in those cute complicated outfits. Little feet jammies for the winter babies or onesies for the summer babies is an essential.

Mommy Underwear– Ladies put your pretty lace and silk away for now and invest in some good old cotton, all coverage undies. You will have some leaks to deal with after you have a baby and those pretty lace and satin beauties you no doubt spent a pretty penny on will just not suffice for your post partum issues.

Pack n Play– yes I know, I already put the Rock n Play on my list but you will also need a pack n play. Babies grow, and they grow fast so it’s a good idea to have something to put them in before they out grow the rock n play.I have also used my pack n play as a crib before I actually found a need to get a crib. After my daughter was born I had my mom and grandmother come and stay with me for a few days while I recovered from my Csection. I was so thankful that I left my nursery as a guest room and didn’t convert it to babies room yet. I didn’t use my crib for either of my children until they were 6+ months old.

Thermometer– I can’t tell you how many times I used my thermometer for my kids. As advised by several doctors just buy the cheap thermometer. Don’t worry about the expensive one’s that are easy to use. I have heard horror stories about the forehead thermometers not being accurate. Just go cheap.

Bath wedge– I had the infant bathtub with my daughter and found it big and space consuming. My sister introduced me to the bath wedge and this was what I used with my son. It worked great in the sink or the tub and doesn’t take up as much space when you store it.

High Chair– I live in a 1200 square foot condo so space saving is a big deal to me. I found the high chairs that strap to a regular chair the most space saving as you can strap them to one of the chairs that is already around your table. They are also very portable.

Diaper Rash Cream– babies poop. Then they get a chapped tushie or a full on diaper rash. Have a plan for diaper rash treatment. I recommend the good old desitin. But you can use what you want.

Bounce chair– It’s important to have a place for baby to lay/be when you aren’t holding them. I love to have a bounce chair as I just don’t have the space for a swing.

Baby Carrier– Sometimes babies just want to be held and you have something to get done. Invest in a baby carrier. I have a wrap style carrier and it works great for newborns. I also, splurged and purchased the Ergo. I’m so thankful that I did. It’s so nice to have the freedom to go hiking or on longer walks and know I don’t need to drag my stroller along.

Baby wash cloths– These are probably not a necessity as you can just use a wash cloth that you already have. I find them useful because regular wash cloths can be a bit harsh on their skin.

Car seat/travel system– I was completely convinced that I didn’t need a stroller when my daughter was born. I would never use it. I was going to just baby wear her everywhere. HA! Get the travel system. I LOVE my Chicco. I got it gender neutral and used it for my daughter and my son. Chicco is easy to use for a good price.

Burp cloths– There are so many cute burp cloths out there but I have found that the best burp cloths are Gerber prefold cloth diapers. I had one package of these with my daughter and bought another package. Then with my son I purchased two more packages as he tended to be a baby that spit up A LOT!

Play mat– These fold up and get put away. They are excellent for play time or tummy time. It’s nice to have a place for baby to get their exercise in and be entertained.

There you have it! I hope that I have spared you the overwhelming part of registering for baby. If you have these items, you can get through the first few months of having a baby.

Did I forget something? Questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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